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We are a nonprofit organization helping childhood cancer patients and their families. This organization was started in order to help with financial support at home. These families need our help with paying rent, electric bills, gas, food, etc. Many of these families also have other children living at home and the financial burden outside of medical bills can be devastating. 

 Many organizations only help with the medical bills and housing at the treatment center.

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14802 US  290 E

Stonewall, TX 78671


[email protected]

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My name is Cash

 Cash, a cancer survivor,  is the reason I started this Non-Profit.

Before I saw his story on Facebook, I didn't realize how many children were  affected by this devastating disease.   Numerous non-profit organizations are  out there helping with research, treatment and housing . However, the  behind the scenes financial needs  of these families  were not being met .  The need for financial help is also an important part of the equation. While the parents are with their child in the hospital receiving treatment their financial needs are not being met. These range from rent to pet food. These parents are unable to work normal hours and sometimes not at all.

  The parents goal is healing  their child and getting them home .

Our goal is to provide the financial help  they need  at home.

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